2PM’s Junho Reveals The Story Behind His Iconic “My House” Point Dance Move

It is a move everyone knows!

2PM‘s Junho recently appeared on the latest episode of MMTG with host JaeJae. During the video, the two spoke about the choreography from the group’s classic track “My House.”

In particular, JaeJae looked at some of the most iconic moves, known as killing points, in the song. One of the most memorable moves is at the start of the chorus when the members look like they’re holding on to something and the small “come here” gesture that follows.

According to Junho, that move wasn’t actually in the choreography, but it was just something he wanted to do.

This move wasn’t there originally, but I just wanted to do it. So, I’m holding on and facing away, and this felt very intimate.

— Junho

After hearing this, JaeJae couldn’t hide her shock calling Junho a “fox” after learning that it was all improvised, which seemed to make him embarrassed.

Considering this is one of the most iconic parts of the song’s choreography, it is surprising to know that it wasn’t meant to be there. Luckily, Junho created something all K-Pop fans can recognize!

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: MMTG and FI