An Innocent Kiss Turned A Male Idol’s First Love Into Heartbreak

They had to break up because of it.

While kissing can be a meaningful way to show affection to someone you love, it didn’t work out that way for one male K-Pop idol.

Veteran singer 2PM‘s Junho revealed how an innocent kiss caused his heartbreak instead.

Junho | @le2jh/Instagram

During his appearance on Knowing Bros, Junho admitted to having his first love in middle school. He remembered walking his girlfriend home every day after school and stopping at a playground near her house to “spend time and talk.

One of those days, Junho and his girlfriend shared an innocent “long peck” to show their affection. Little did they know, they weren’t alone.

Junho heard someone running towards them. He then saw that person hit his girlfriend right in the face and drag her away.

I turned around and saw a black mass like a hand, and it went like, ‘Boom!’ I wasn’t the one who got hit; it was my girlfriend. Someone slapped her and grabbed her by her hair, and that black mass dragged her.

— Junho

It had been his girlfriend’s mother. She’d slapped her daughter and dragged her away from Junho. They were forced to break up.

Looking back on the moment, Junho could sympathize with the mother, realizing how shocking it must’ve been to see her daughter kissing someone.