2PM’s Junho Reveals His Reaction After His Fans Celebrated His Military Discharge Without Him

It was definitely unexpected!

After 2PM‘s Junho was discharged from the military in March, a group of fans gathered to celebrate Junho’s discharge from the military. Junho was ready to come until the fan reminded him of the COVID-19 regulations, which prohibited gatherings of 5 or more.

| @le2jh/Instagram

Junho recently appeared on the recent episode of MMTG, and host JaeJae couldn’t help but remind him of that moment.

After taking a trip down memory lane, Junho remembered how shocked he had been at the time.

Usually, they responded with ‘Wow’ or something else or something like ‘Thank you.’ It’s my first time experiencing this kind of response.

— Junho

JaeJae then pointed out that his shock at the answer was hinted through his replies, like, “Of course, of course. Keep the quarantine guidelines well.

Junho then pointed out how this experience made him realize just how different things were from when he first enlisted in the way fans communicate. Jae even added that it felt like the fans were talking to their oppa.

It is good to see that K-Pop fans are adhering to rules even if it means they don’t get to meet their favorite idols!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: MMTG