2PM Nichkhun Recalls The Creepy Way He Was Cast For His JYP Entertainment Audition

The average person would’ve been just as concerned.

During his visit to Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, 2PM‘s Nichkhun revealed how he was initially approached for an audition for JYP Entertainment. Ironically, it was almost as creepy as his junior Stray KidsHyunjin‘s story of being cast by the company.

| @Khunnie0624/Twitter

Since Nichkhun lived outside of Los Angeles, in Rancho Cucamonga, it was one of the few days that he’d traveled into the city. His friends wanted to see a concert that had many famous Korean artists that Nichkhun hadn’t known at the time, like g.o.d and NRG.

As he was enjoying the concert, someone came up to him, “So I was watching the concert, and some lady approached me speaking Korean.

Because Nichkhun only spoke Thai and English at the time, he was thoroughly confused until the translator she approached with stepped in. “She was like, ‘She’s from JYP, and she would like you to follow her back to the hotel to tape an audition.‘”

That immediately raised a red flag for him. Catching onto the creepy vibes, Eric Nam burst into laughter.

Following an unknown woman to an unfamiliar place would make most people wary about their safety. Nichkhun felt the same, “I’m like…that does not sound sketchy at all…

He even noted how it could’ve turned into a scene from a horror movie, “Like, I would be killed in a hotel room?

Like any normal person would, Nichkhun turned the offer down. “So, I said no.” He did end up giving the employee his phone number, though.

Not willing to give up on him, they kept calling Nickhun until he finally caved in and auditioned. The rest is history. It looks like JYP Entertainment’s employees do whatever it takes to get their trainees, even if they come off a bit creepy.

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