50 Shades Of Taecyeon? 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Wants To Showcase His Physique In Next Acting Role

Fans wants to see him in a role like Christian Grey.

2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon recently held a presscon for his first fanmeeting in Manila, Philippines.

Taecyeon | @Jonah_writer/X

Previously, Taecyeon’s dream role was to portray a villain. Now, he has starred as the main antagonist in the hit K-Drama Vincenzo. So, what’s his next goal as an actor?

During the presscon, Taecyeon was asked what is something he really wanted to do as an actor. He began to reply, “I mean like I said before, I do wanna expand my spectrum as an actor,  but… Since I’m known for my physique,” which sparked cheers from the audience.


A fan then shouted, suggesting a project like the erotic fanfiction-turned-book-series-turned-film series 50 Shades. Taecyeon was startled by the suggestion but appeared open-minded to it if his fans were too.


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Ok Taecyeon: I do want to try out something that would allow me to show my physique a little bit more than the characters that I have previously done.

Fan: 50 Shades!

Ok Taecyeon: Like what?

Interviewer: 50 Shades of Grey. 

Ok Taecyeon: Wow. I mean… Hey, if you guys are okay… Yeah, I’m sorry.

Us fans can definitely imagine Taecyeon in a sexy role like Christian Grey!

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