2PM’s Taecyeon — The Idol Who Voluntarily Gave Up His USA Green Card To Enlist In Korea’s Military

He wanted to join the military.

On an episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, 2PM made a guest appearance on the show. Fans were particularly touched after hearing why Taecyeon gave up his permanent residency (also known as a green card) in the U.S. to enlist in the Korean military.

As all members have completed their military service, they talked about various stories about the military. Taecyeon commented, “I ate a lot because there was a lot to eat at the military. My muscles continued to grow, and I reached 99 kg (~218 lbs). I have currently lost about 18 kg (~39 lbs).”

Min Kyung Hoon asked, “What was your reason for giving up your U.S. permanent residency to enlist in the military?” To this, Taecyeon replied, “Having promoted a long time, I received love from so many people. I felt that this was an obligation that I had to do.” He added, “When we had concerts in the U.S., I used to be able to just go, but now I have to stop by the embassy and do an interview to get a visa.”

Back in 2017, Taecyeon gave up his U.S. permanent residency and voluntarily enlisted in the Korean military. Taecyeon lived in the Boston area of Massachusetts in the United States from the ages of 10 to 17. During this time, he and his family received permanent residency and were able to stay in the country with no limits. Permanent residency was also the step many people take before achieving full residency. Green card holders are still eligible for military service if they stay in South Korea for 12 consecutive months.

Source: Insight