2PM’s Taecyeon Has A Fan Shook During A Video Call…And Honestly Same

No but really…how did he know!?

K-Pop idol group 2PM, who recently made a comeback with their seventh full-length album, MUST, held a video call event to celebrate the album release. An online community board gained attention after a fan shared how shocked they were during their fan call with Taecyeon.

Ok Taecyeon is scary lololol How did he see it!

⁠— @_itchu

Taecyeon: Hello! Hello!

Fan: Hello! I became a fan after watching ‘Make it.’

Taecyeon: Stop lying!

Fan: Ah! No really!

Taecyeon: You wrote that you were ‘f*cking nervous’ right now! How dare you lie! 

Fan: (shook) No…it’s my first time doing a fan sign event…

Taecyeon: (sarcastically) Ah really?~ OMG~ It’s my first time too~! It’s my first time meeting you~ Who are you?

Turns out Taecyeon had read the fans’ post on their Twitter account, meaning he knew who they were before the video call!

OMG it probably started now…so f*cking nervous.

— @_itchu

Netizens that saw this were scared to even think about their favorite members or biases looking at their Twitter fan accounts!

  • “What…What if he has his own account that he uses to subscribe to fans?!”
  • “I’m horrified to think that my faves are looking at my account.”
  • “That’s crazy to think that he knows the fans’ account!”
  • “No but seriously…how did he know!”

What would you do if your favorite idol member saw your account? Let us know!

Source: theqoo and Image