2PM Taecyeon Had The World’s Coolest Job As A Teenager

Taecyeon revealed his past job during a special streaming broadcast prepared for fans on White Day. 

To celebrate White Day, which happens one month after Valentines Day, 2PM‘s Taecyeon held a live streaming broadcast to communicate with his beloved fans.

Taecyeon read aloud a fan’s comment regarding the absence of English subtitles during the broadcast, which led Taecyeon to ask how the subtitles worked on the broadcasting program.

After discovering that the translations were made by staff from NAVER, Taecyeon was reminded of his past part-time job and decided to share his story.

Taecyeon went on to share that he once had a part-time job to translate and write English subtitles that would appear on the LED screen for Rain‘s fan meeting when Rain was still under JYP Entertainment. At that time, Taecyeon was still a trainee.

Taecyeon is known for being bilingual, as he had resided in Massachusetts for seven years prior to moving back to Korea to become a trainee.

After sharing his story, Taecyeon expressed his praise, recognition, and appreciation for the hard work of the translators as he understood the difficulty of needing to comprehend and type at such a quick speed.

Source: Herald Pop