2PM’s Jun.K issues final warning to sasaeng fans

2PM‘s Jun.K has finally had enough with obsessed fans invading his privacy. 

Following a recent incident that allegedly occurred nearby his house, Jun.K issued a final warning on his Twitter account.

The tweet reads, “I’ve been patient for long enough. Do not come to our house or our parking lot. I will report you with CCTV footage.” Hopefully Jun.K’s serious tone will deter any more sasaeng fans from lurking around his neighborhood.

The recent incident was not the first time sasaeng fans have bothered members of 2PM. In the past, a sasaeng fan gave fellow group member Taecyeon a disturbing present.

To prevent such incidents from happening again, their agency JYP Entertainment has increased enforcement of the blacklist rules for their artists. With both warnings from idols and official notices from agencies, hopefully sasaeng fans will stop such destructive behavior.

Blacklist rules for JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE. / Source: JYP Fan’s