2PM’s Junho Is Officially Stray Kids’ Favourite Sunbaenim After Gifting Them A Coffee Truck For Their Comeback

They love Junho so much they even want him to write music for them.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Lee Know confessed their affection for 2PM’s Junho for being such a wonderful sunbaenim to them.

Recently, while guesting on TMI News, the pair were asked whether they were friends with Junho.

Hyunjin answered that the Stray Kids members were close with their senior.

To back up his statement, Hyunjin pointed out that Junho once gifted Stray Kids a coffee truck while they were filming their music video for “I Am YOU.”

On the coffee truck, Junho even left the members a cheeky message.

Eat and cheer up, guys. And pay back nine times later.

In the behind-the-scenes video for “I Am YOU,” the members promised to send Junho nine coffee trucks.

The members enjoyed the coffee, finding it sweet and refreshing. And Felix couldn’t even decide what to pick because there were so many choices!

On TMI News, Hyunjin told the host that while they were working hard on set, Junho even came to encourage them.

He actually came in person and supported us too.

It is clear that Stray Kids has immense respect and admiration for their sunbaenim.

The MC then surprised the pair when he revealed that Junho was also a songwriter. When asked whether they would want to receive a song from him, Lee Know gave an enthusiastic response.

Of course, we’ll be glad to accept one song. Anything!

Junho has been a prolific songwriter for 2PM and his solo career. And even though they just found out that he wrote music, Hyunjin was eager to receive a song from his beloved sunbaenim.

So eager that Hyunjin even sent an affectionate message on television to convince Junho!

Junho hyung sunbaenim. I didn’t know you produced this many songs. If you could give us just three songs, we’ll be really thankful.

The MC’s were shocked that Hyunjin would ask for so many songs, joking that songs weren’t just some convenience store snack.

He didn’t know he produced that much but then asked for three songs.

Considering Junho gifted Stray Kids an entire coffee truck, it may be fair to say that Junho would be willing to go above and beyond for his juniors.

And ever since then, the members have always looked up to Junho. They’ve even been eager at the potential of collaborating with him!

Though Stray Kids already has some terrific songwriters, it seems like they would be enthusiastic in including three Junho songs in their future albums.