2PM’s Nichkhun Tells NCT’s Chenle And Renjun His Clever Way For Foreigners To Avoid Scoldings

Chenle could relate all too well.

On an episode of We K-Pop, NCT Dream‘s Renjun shared a funny incident that occurred when he had to translate for fellow Chinese member Chenle.


When they first came to Korea, Chenle didn’t speak any Korean. So, Renjun had to face their dance instructor’s irritation as he translated whenever Chenle made a mistake.

That’s when 2PM‘s Nichkhun, a Thailand native, said that was an advantage of being a foreigner. When Park Jin Young would scold him, he would simply stare blankly as if he had no idea what he was saying.

Then, Park Jin Young would lose all his anger and nicely explain what had originally made him upset. Chenle and Renjun were amused by Nichkhun’s technique, especially Chenle who had been in the same position.

Although Renjun couldn’t use this technique before, it could be useful for other foreign idols. Listen to Nichkhun’s funny yet wise advice here.