These 3 Korean Celebrities Should Have Their Body Parts Insured

On February 18, KBS’s Men Who Top the Charts ranks celebrities in various areas, ranging from lifestyle to romance, to beauty trends and these three ladies topped their latest list.

In the episode, the topic was “Celebrities Who Have Bodies Worth Getting Insurance”, and the top three celebrities were Suzy, Han Ga In, and Kim Tae Hee respectively.


In first place was Suzy. She was said to have the prettiest eyes, as they form a half-moon shape when she smiles. This eye shape is seen as incredibly attractive in Korea and is a highly desired trait.

Han Ga In

Han Ga In ranked second for her perfect 45-degree-angle nose — a naturally perfect nose that is envied by many women all over Korea. EXO’s Baekhyun even mentioned her as his ideal type of woman for her nose.

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee took the third spot for her million-dollar V-shaped jawline, as she never seems to have a double chin no matter what angle her photo is taken from.

Other celebrities who also made the list were Jeon Ji Hyun for her hair, as she has filmed over 12 commercials for shampoo in under 11 years, as well as Kang Sora, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Min Kyung, Honey Lee, Kyungri, and Minah.

Source: OSEN