These 3 Celebrities Have Faces So Tiny, They Can Cover Them With A Single Hand

These 3 male celebrities have been recognized for having faces that are smaller than their own hands

There are many aspects that idols tend to be noticed for, especially with regards to their physical appearance. Among these has got to be the size of their face, with smaller faces often being considered more desirable in Korea.

Although smaller faces are something talked about more often regarding female celebrities, this time these male celebrities are the ones being recognized for having faces that are smaller than the size of their own hands.

Check out who these celebrities are below!

1. Kim Soohyun

Known for his roles in the KBS dramas Dream High and The Producers. Kim Soohyun is one of the top actors in Korea. As well as his great acting ability, he has been the center of attention for his perfect proportions, most notably, his small face.

His face definitely looks smaller than his hands here.

His face may be small but he still has such good proportions.

It looks the back of his hand alone is large enough to cover half his face.

2. Highlight Yang Yoseob

As a former member of BEAST and currently with Highlight, Yoseob has been in the spotlight for many years. He’s become known for his incredible vocals and stylish visuals, which are boosted by his perfect proportions.

This photo alone shows that his face is most definitely smaller than his hand.

How can anyone have such a tiny face?.

His features are highlighted by his small face.

3. V

The BTS singer is often spotted doing his signature “V-face” pose, which is made even more adorable because of V’s small face, his hands fit perfect around his jaw. His small face and cute personality might just be part of the secret to his charm.

His face could definitely be covered by one of his hands.

V’s signature V-face pose.

At this point, there is no denying how small his face is.

Source: Dispatch