3 Examples of Male Idols Who Are Redefining Masculinity

Idols have been known to push the envelope when it comes to their fashion choices and their decisions may be helping to redefine what it means to be a man.

There’s no question that K-Pop has taken the world by storm and many credit the success of Korea’s music industry to its use of infectious melodies and its popularization of musical genres such as electro-trap. While K-Pop’s growing international presence is certainly a large part of its success story, it is K-Pop’s shattering of all sorts of conservative trends and stereotypes that is its real success. In fact, K-Pop may single-handedly be responsible for reshaping the definition of masculinity as idols have been pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable for men. Here are some notable cases of male idols stepping out of conservative gender ideologies.

Here are some notable cases of male idols who ignored gender stereotypes:

1. G-Dragon’s Glitter Makeup

Gdragon glitter makeup
G-dragon looks stunning with his glitter makeup.

Voted one of the top female makeup trends this year, glitter has been all the rage. While it’s become increasingly acceptable for men to put on a little light makeup, G-dragon has taken his look to a whole new level with face glitter.

Though most don’t go as far as glitter, there is no denying that male idols have influenced the relatively recent trend of men wearing makeup in public.

2. BTS Singles Magazine Shoot

Rap Monster rocking fishnet and lace.

In BTS‘s recent Singles Magazine photoshoot, members Rapmonster and Suga wore traditionally female clothes including fishnets, corsets, chokers, and stockings.

Talk about being gender-neutral.

The members of BTS have also been seen wearing female-associated clothing in their day-to-day lives.

Taehyung wore a skirt as part of his airport fashion.

It’s truly inspiring to see these male idols pushing the arbitrary boundaries of gendered clothing choices.

3. Nu’est Ren Modelling for VIP Shop

Ren definitely pushed boundaries in this set of ads.

Earlier this year, Ren took part in a photo shoot for an online female clothing shop called VIP Store. On May 7, Ren shared the photos on Twitter and Instagram with the caption, “Am I a boy or a girl? I am a man. Fashion makes a person and its impression.” Not only did Ren look completely at ease in skirts and dresses, he apparently enjoyed wearing them as well. In one of the Instagram posts, he wrote: “I’m so happy for the product cooperation. Specially wore skirts as a meaning of anticipating the summer arrival!”

While gendered clothing and style choices still hold a lot of sway, there is no denying that these K-Pop stars have been instrumental in making it more acceptable to wear what you want.