3 female rookie idols who have tiny ant waists

Some idols are known for having extremely thin bodies. Here are three rookie idols who caught the public’s attention for having ant-like waists.

BLACKPINK‘s RoséDIA‘s Chayeon, and WJSN / Cosmic Girls‘ Bona, are members of the hottest girl groups of the new generation and they have all received attention for their enviously slim waists.

A lot of effort and dedication are needed to maintain such thin bodies. Below are the moments fan have agreed are the best, to showcase their bodies.


Rosé debuted under YG Entertainment last year, and all of the members of the group are known for their perfect figures and outstanding talent.

Her red ruffled top cinches at her waist to show off her slim waistline.

Rosé fashion.
Rosé’s waist is scarily tiny.

Rosé’s stage presence shines as bright as her top!

Her black belt shows how ant-like her waist truly is.




Chaeyeon’s thin waist has been the talk of the town ever since she debuted. Check out these photos that prove how small it really is.

Her outstanding body is undeniable.

Chaeyeon’s suspenders make her look quirky and cute.

Her thin waist can barely hold up her shorts!

Her tight fighting outfits during “Mr. Potter” promotions accentuated her well-figured body!

Her waist is crazy thin.

Chaeyeon’s waist was measured by her I.O.I members on a broadcast, and it was revealed to be only 22 inches!



Can you believe her waist is this tiny?

Her white tulle skirt accentuates her tiny waist.

Bona is pretty in pink!

She looks great in uniform.

Bona’s waist is slimmer than the width of a sheet of paper!


Source: Instiz