3 Girls who left the audience speechless at the Idol Olympics

The Idol Star Athletics Championships aired during the Lunar New Year this year and featured the talents of many idols, including TWICE‘s Mina, FIESTAR‘s Cao Lu, and Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao.

Both Mina and Cao Lu competed in the gymnastics floor competition, featuring complex and difficult routines. Cao Lu performed a routine in which she twirled batons to a soft song before breaking into a jazzy performance featuring the song “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me” from the Disney film, Aladdin.

Mina, on the other hand, performed a piece using ball work where she did cartwheels and intricate ballet moves, all while maintaining complete control of the ball. She looked like a princess during her performance and the whole crowd was awed by the performance as they looked on! Mina and Cao Lu were awarded first place medals for their incredible performances.

Cheng Xiao‘s performance finished barely short of Mina and Cao Lu’s as she captured the hearts of the entire crowd with her hula-hoop rhythmic gymnastics routine. Her determination and focus during the performance were stunning, while the complex moves demonstrated her insane flexibility and dedication.

Did you know your favorite idols could do all that?!