These 3 Items From G-Dragon’s Clothing Brand Are ALWAYS Sold Out

BIGBANG G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE has become a global fashion brand as its items sell out quicker than wildfire.

But no matter how many times G-Dragon restocks these 3 items, it’s consistently sold out with each update!

Ever seen these colorful accessorizing clips from PEACEMINUSONE?

You may see them around often, but it’ll be difficult to get your own because they’re always sold out!

G-Dragon is also known for making the long strapped snapback a global trend.

Well, you’ll have a difficult boarding that train cause they’re always sold out as well!

Lastly, PEACEMINUSONE’s signature hoodie in simple black and white are a constant sell out too.

Its simplicity paired with the perfect form-flattering fit is in high demand around the world.

Not only does G-Dragon rock these items, but celebrities from all over the world don these beautiful pieces!

Actress Angela Baby wearing PEACEMINUSONE’s snapback and bulldog clip.

Needless to say, K-Pop idols are all about G-Dragon’s hot brand as well.

2NE1’s Dara wearing a PEACEMINUSONE snapback.

Fans who are dying for these 3 items will just have to keep an eye out for updates like a hawk!

Source: Insight