These 3 K-Pop Artists Released USB Albums Way Before G-Dragon

G-Dragon garnered huge attention for releasing his latest, self-titled album in the unconventional USB format instead of a CD. 

Many people mistakenly believed he was the first Korean artist to release a USB album even though he never claimed to be.

The first Korean artist to release an album in USB format was the veteran rock-ballad artist, Kim Jang Hoon.

He released his 10th studio album “adieu” in the USB format in 2012, making him the first Korean artist to release a USB album.

In 2014, GOT7 released a special edition version of their first album in USB format.

The USB was even shaped as the members of the group, making it a true collectible for fans.

Lastly, in February 2017, Lee Seung Gi released a special anthology album which featured his best tracks in USB format.

As unconventional as it may seem, there were other Korean artists who’ve released albums in USB format in the past. 

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