3 Reasons Why BTS May Have Used Autotune For “Black Swan”

What are your thoughts on this?

BTS recently released “Black Swan” along with the art film and fans are divided about the use of auto-tune. While some feel that this effect doesn’t do justice and would rather hear the member’s actual vocals, some feel that they may have intended to use auto-tune as a way to express themselves.

When taking a look at the themes in “Black Swan,” fans noticed how it tried to convey the losing passion for the art that’s come to define them. One ARMY fan in particular, noticed these themes and created a Twitter thread to explain them in detail.



1. Making their voices less distinguishable

The mixing of all their voices, making it hard to distinguish the individual members’ vocals may be intended to show the unity of the members showing that they are one combined voice. They are trying to show that they are not separate entities but rather a combination of all seven members.

2. Making voices sound robotic/manipulated

This effect may have been used to express how one’s passion can be manipulated, making it difficult to identify the individualistic experience it once was. The ripples in the auto-tune also gives the effect that they are underwater, giving the listener a “drowning” effect. This effect of being underwater can be linked to the feeling of being under pressure.


3. Making voices fit the emo-rap music stylization

They have used auto-tune to express a certain style of music, in this case being emo-rap, to capture the dark trap sounds and used it to fit with the “black swan” theme. Sometimes unfamiliar and new styles of music may seem daunting, but this feeling of unknowing can make you think and feel something new.

While there were many that agreed and understood the group’s reason for using auto-tune…





…some still wished they could have heard the distinct vocals from each of the members.



What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! Take a look at the art film below!

Source: @tybutdisagree