These Are The Top 3 Most Successful Idols From SM Entertainment

Can you guess who they are?

Three music experts, namely Kim Tae Hoon (pop music expert), Lee Jong Hyun (record producer), and Kim Seong (famous music critic) were asked to choose the top three most successful singers in SM Entertainment.

After careful deliberation, they surprisingly chose the same three acts.

In fact, most of us who have worked in the music industry for a long time will have similar thoughts.

– Kim Taehoon, pop music expert

These are none other than:


Record producer Lee Jonghyun chose TVXQ as his top group, citing their 4th album as the peak of idol groups. Their song “Mirotic” became iconic for idols, being covered multiple times.

2. BOA

BOA was the beginning of SM Entertainment‘s success. Debuting at only 13 years old, she made a name for herself and her company in Japan and Korea. She is still one of the most popular solo acts in K-Pop.

3. H.O.T

H.O.T is a standard model for K-Pop groups. With hits like “Candy” and “We Are The Future”, they ensured that K-Pop found its unique style and catchy tunes.

The experts pointed out that TVXQ and H.O.T have something in common: both groups are the best idols of the first and second generation.

Along with BOA, these three acts have made their mark in the entertainment industry.

These three are the top idols in SM Entertainment because they pioneered the Korean Wave.

– Kim Seong, famous music critic

Do you agree with their choices?

Source: theqoo