These 3 Things Are The Most Meaningful To Ong Seong Wu Right Now

He chose three keywords.

In a recent interview with W Korea, Ong Seong Wu answered a series of questions that allowed his fans to take a look deeper inside his life at the moment. When asked to share some things that are currently on his mind, he chose these three things – and fans are UWU-ing hard.


Ong Seong Wu was found working on a promotional photo shoot with a perfume brand Atelier Cologne. He looked as gorgeous as ever, in a chic hair do and a unique pumpkin-colored jacket.


When asked to introduce some of the fragrances that were placed next to him, Ong Seong Wu pointed out that he received as a gift from the brand.

This is such a precious gift I got from Atelier Cologne. I’m so grateful for this present!

— Ong Seong Wu


The bottles each had words or phrases of value written on them and when the interviewer asked Ong Seong Wu to select three that he liked the most from the selection, he chose “WELO”, “Eternally”, and “Junu”.


Ong Seong Wu’s first selection, “WELO”, is the name of his fan club. He pointed out that he loves his fans and the name that ties them all together.


He added that “Eternally” – or eternity – is a concept that he likes as well. For Ong Seong Wu, who has had to say goodbye to his project group Wanna One in the past, the idea of “forever” is certainly more precious than ever – as he continues to build on his career as a successful performer and actor.


And last, but not least, Ong Seong Wu chose “Junu” which stood for Choi Jun Woo – the name of the character he plays in the K-Drama At Eighteen. The role of “Junu” has greatly boosted Ong Seong Wu’s presence in the acting world.

I am ‘Junu’ at the moment, so I had to pick this one.

— Ong Seong Wu


Fans were thrilled to hear that they’re on Ong Seong Wu’s mind – along with his work and his hopes! One thing’s for sure: WELOs’ love for Ong Seong Wu is definitely that of an eternity.


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