3 Times BTS Members Wanted To Break Their Friendship, But Couldn’t

BTS’s friendship is truly world class.

We all know that BTS is known for their strong bond in friendship. But, there are also times that they have called it quits with one another. Let’s take a look at three different moments they wanted to break the friendship bond (but couldn’t).


V and Jin

The first moment of a break of friendship was between Jin and V. It all started with a picture that V posted on Twitter in 2017.

The post revealed both V and Jin, but their poses were the total opposite. While V had a fairly normal facial expression, Jin had a funny look on his face. Jin saw the post and left a comment that read, “Hey…this isn’t fair…”

Just a few moments later the post with the message, “Relationship over” was posted on Twitter.

The day after the Twitter posting, the group members were seen at the airport. V and Jin were spotted wearing the exact same outfit to the airport. Jin posted a comment in regards to this situation by saying, “We fought with each other to take it off saying that I wore it first.” However, fans could tell that even though it seemed like they were fighting, that this was nowhere near an actual fight.


J-Hope and Jin

Jin called out to J-Hope, but J-Hope was busy talking to the director and did not hear Jin calling his name. Jin looked at the camera and stated, “Relationship over!” over and over again while waiting for J-Hope to finish. After J-Hope finished and the two met up again, Jin explained the situation to J-Hope. J-Hope however, quickly apologized saying he did not hear him and reached out his hand. Jin shook his hand almost immediately, ending the so-called fight. (they can’t even fight for over 3 minutes)


Jimin and V

The group appeared on a variety game show where they were to put stickers on each other’s backs. Jimin, believing that V was not the chosen member, allowed V to stick the stickers on his back.



But, when the results of the game was about to be announced, Jimin sensed something was not right and yelled, “It’s V isn’t it? Today is the end of our relationship.” Jimin even put his two pointer fingers together telling V to come and literally “break” their relationship by cutting through his fingers. But, if you listen to Jimin’s statements, he says “we are done for today” and “don’t look for me today,” implying that they will just be on bad terms for one day only.




These moments show that no matter how hard they try to break a relationship, they just can’t. They are just that close to each other that they can’t even be mad with each other!

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