These 3 TWICE Members Have The Prettiest Noses That Even Plastic Surgery Can’t Achieve

They’re all natural beauties!

Everyone knows that TWICE is a group full of gorgeous visuals. Korean netizens have searched for even more proof by putting together a list of the TWICE members with the prettiest noses. Slender, cute, and upturned, even plastic surgery can’t buy their features!

1. Dahyun

Beautiful especially for Dahyun’s nose. You can’t have plastic surgery that looks as beautiful and natural as her nose.

— Korean Netizen

2. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung’s nose is real… Chaeyoung’s nose is so beautiful, cute, high and sharp.

— Korean Netizen

3. Sana

Sana is pretty but she’s even prettier thanks to her nose.

— Korean Netizen

Netizens could not stop praising their beauty.

I looked at the title and I immediately think of Chaeyoungㅋㅋ Chaeyoung’s nose is so beautiful.

— Korean Netizen

Those are the 3 members that I thought of. So pretty.

— Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo


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