30 Year-Old Korean Women Are Obsessed With This 18-Year-Old Rookie Idol

He’s stealing the hearts of all Korean noonas.

Watch out K-Pop fans because there’s a new noona killer in the K-Pop world.

IM‘s Hangyul, a contestant on KBS’s idol rebooting project The Unit is stealing every woman’s heart in Korea and around the world.

Hangyul, an 18-year-old singer from Korea, first captured hearts when he shared the story of his childhood. Hangyul has never met his biological parents and was adopted at the age of 7

He was adopted after a social worker found him and immediately fell in love. She adopted Hangyul and became his loving mother ever since.

He has two older brothers that are 15 and 16 years older than him, an unusually large age gap for most families. Not only are his brothers much older than him, his father is also over 60 years old.

With the difference in his age to the rest of his family, he’s basically ended up with 4 loving parents to take care of him!

His adorable visual combined with powerful dance skills are melting the hearts of Korean noonas in their 30s.

Hangyul’s unique background story along with his talent and dedication to his work has brought out the protective instincts in these fans.

So now, to make sure that his talent and devotion doesn’t go unrecognized, they’re making sure he’s being promoted online! Everyone is coming together to get him more exposure and more fans, both in Korea and overseas.

With fellow IM members Kijoong and Taeeun getting tons of attention as well, fans are hoping that their group will be able to see some more success and even win awards someday!