3,000 fans gathered for DIA’s “Free Hugs” Event

Over 3,000 fans gathered in Daegu to participate in DIA‘s free hug event.

DIA recently held a free hug event for their fans in Daegu province, and over 3,000 fans came to interact with their favorite members.

According to MBK Entertainment, the event went on for 40 minutes and fans were allowed to give DIA members hugs, take selfies with them, shake hands, and also high-five them.

Furthermore, despite the large turnout, there weren’t any injuries or accidents at the event, showing that fans were careful and respected the rules set out by DIA staff.

After the free hug event, DIA moved locations to hold a fan signing event nearby, making it a memorable day for many DIA fans in Daegu.

Watch the live stream of the event below!

Source: Sports Chosun