This 37-Year Old Actress Is Stunning Netizens With Her ‘Ant Waist’

She looks years younger than her actual age!

Most women reach their peak of attractiveness in their twenties. There are some exceptions to this case however, and one of them is actress Han Ye Seul. Born on September 18, 1981, she is turning 38 in only a few days.

She stunned fans with her slim “ant waist” when she posted a series of photos on her Instagram account.

Dressed in a white cropped top and short skirt that perfectly showed off her physique, Han Ye Seul looked as if she were years younger than her actual age.

Netizens expressed their awe at her youthful appearance.

You look as if you could step inside a college campus right now.

– Korean Netizen

I’m cheating on my girlfriend. I can’t believe it.

– Korean Netizen

What do you think of her pictures?

Source: Insight Korea