This 3rd Gen Idol Stuns Netizens After Cutting Her Hair Short For The First Time In Nine Years

She looks so much more mature!

For some idols, a certain part of their appearance becomes what they are known for, like BTS‘s Suga being known for his cat-like features…

BTS’s Suga

…or Jungkook‘s tattoo sleeve and piercings.

BTS’s Jungkook | Calvin Klein

Other idols have become known for having a certain hair color or style, like how BLACKPINK’s Rosé has had blond or lighter-colored hair for the last few years.


Dreamcatcher‘s Yoohyeon is known for having long hair throughout the group’s comeback cycles. If you count the time she was in MINX, the group that disbanded and reformed as Dreamcatcher, she has had long hair since 2014 — nine years!

Dreamcatcher’s Yoohyeon| Dreamcatcher Company
| Dreamcatcher Company
| Dreamcatcher Company

In late March, it was reported that Dreamcatcher would be making their comeback in May, exciting fans with the possibility of what could be coming next. The group is known for its darker rock sound and accompanying concepts.

| Dreamcatcher Company

K-Pop fans are used to seeing dramatic changes in their faves appearances for comebacks, usually in the form of a different hair color or style. Before the comeback, Yoohyeon surprised everyone by cutting her hair short into a bob!

The look suited the star well and was a shock to fans who were able to see her in person at We Bridge Fest in Los Vegas earlier this week.

In a Korean forum post discussing her looks through the years, netizens couldn’t help but show amazement at her gorgeous, sexy new look!

| theqoo

  • Why did you hide this from us for nine years?
  • Yoohyeon! T-T This is so pretty. I love Dreamcatcher, I love Dreamcatcher, I love Dreamcatcher!
  • Wow, so pretty.
  • Whoa. You look great with short hair. How beautiful!
  • I thought I liked the long hair on you, but this short style is totally your thing, too!
  • I can’t believe it took you so long! Hahahaha. So pretty!
  • This short hairstyle looks great on you.
  • Crazy visuals!
Source: theqoo
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