4 Times BTS V Helped Others Do Perfect Fan Service

BTS‘s V is an expert when it comes to fanservice and he’s willing to lend a hand where it’s needed.

1. Park Seo Joon

When V was waving to fans, actor Park Seo Joon waved as well. As the “king of fanservice”, V blew a kiss to the audience. Seeing this, Park Seo Joon seemed to freeze in confusion. It looked like he wasn’t sure what to do next, so V helped him blow a kiss too.

2. Suga

V gave Suga a helping hand as well during Epilogue concert promotions!

3. Jin

As someone who loves to give flying kisses, Jin fully embraced it and sent multiple air kisses to fans when V gave him a hand.

4. Jungkook

After Jungkook finished his ending speech during a concert, V casually walked over and helped the maknae with the finishing touch.

The “king of fanservice” always makes sure that every fan is satisfied!

Source: Instiz