4 Famous Actors Who Almost Played Yoo Si Jin Instead Of Song Joong Ki In “Descendants of the Sun”

How different would the drama have been?

Descendants of the Sun is one of the most popular K-Dramas to air in the last several years and while it is hard to imagine anyone else playing Song Joong Ki‘s iconic role as Yoo Si Jin, the role was actually offered to four other famous actors first.

According to the producer of the drama, several top actors turned down the role because they were nervous about participating in a drama that would be filmed completely before airing.

Producing Director Lee Sung Bok (center) with the cast.

K-Dramas are usually filmed in segments, which allows for edits and changes to be made based on the public’s reaction to episodes that have already aired.

Song Joong Ki behind the scenes on Descendants of the Sun.

The role was offered to Won Bin

Jo In Sung

Gong Yoo

and Kim Woo Bin, who all turned down the role before it was accepted by Song Joong Ki.

Koreans were totally surprised by the list of actors who turned it down and while they were happy with Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of Yoo Shi Jin, many actually seem to have wished that one of the other actors had taken the role.

  • Maybe I’m used to Song Joong Ki but … if Won Bin had been his role…
  • If Won Bin from Ahjussi was in DOTS…man it would have become a legend
  • Gong Yoo would have been perfect too..
  • Won Bin would have been absolutely crazy
  • If it had been Won Bin I wouldn’t have cared if the drama was all in gibberish…