These 4 Female Idols Are Always Starting Makeup Trends in Korea

While fans are always in awe of female celebrities and their makeup, four idols have stood out for constantly starting trends with their flawless complexion.

Korea may have distinct makeup trends and beauty standards, but there are a variety of clear styles within the industry as well. In fact, many fans have been drawn to these four particular idols because of their well-formed makeup style, which can be easily distinguished and broken down by beauty expert.

Beauty gurus are constantly posting tutorials to get their look, and fans are always eager to try any new style that they develop. From cat-liner to rosy cheeks, these trendsetters are some of the most popular go-to idols when it comes to makeup.


Killing smokey-lids that brings out her cat-like eye shape.

She’s still in high school, but she’s already at the top of the makeup game.

Her skin is always glowing and fresh.

Even with a smokey look she maintains a young image.

Her extended shadow and cat-line is her signature trademark.



She’s been dubbed the queen of girl-crush makeup.

Even with red shadow lips and cheeks, her face doesn’t get overpowered.

Her classic rouged lips.

Mixing kira kira with her classic red lip.

Perfect skin and a lip.

She may have been on Unpretty Rapstar but there’s nothing unpretty about her.


Lovely lashes and pink cheeks add to her sweet aura.

Never bronzed, she looks like a doll with pastel color in all the right places.

Always delivering with long lashes and shades of pink!

No matter what, her dewy-pale skin and doll-like lips make an appearance.


Baby-doll eyes.

Sulli’s perfect skin and point lip is famous. She owns the Eastern doll-like style perfectly.

The always-slightly-pink is just part of what makes Sulli’s aura so sweet.

The contrast between her eyes,lips, skin and hair make for a very chic style.

Fans are always following Sulli’s makeup style.