4 Photos Of Seolhyun In This Tight Dress That Will Make You Say “Wow”

On February 28, AOA‘s Seolhyun attended an exclusive brand opening party for Valentino and turned heads in this unique figure-hugging dress.

The party was held in Gangnam at the Shinsegae Department Store, where Seolhyun was photographed wearing a spectacular piece from the Valentino Spring “Ready to Wear” 2017 collection.

The dress, with it’s pink and red color scheme, eye-catching design, and flowing bottom accentuated Seolhyun’s figure perfectly, making her look like a goddess at the event. Choosing to let the dress speak for itself, Seolhyun opted for minimal jewelry, with just earrings and a few silver bands on her fingers. The addition of the studded nude heels was the perfect final touch to the outfit, finishing off Seolhyun’s simple, regal look.

Check out the photos below:

Full glamor shot of Seolhyun’s amazing outfit.

Not to be outdone, Seolhyun’s beauty shone through the eye-catching design.

Seolhyun’s simple makeup added to the overall aesthetic.

Seolhyun looks runway ready as she’s photographed entering the Valentino party.

With her ideal body proportions, tall stature, and beautiful face, it’s no wonder Seolhyun has become one of K-Pop’s top visuals and rising fashionistas.


Source: Dispatch