4 Idols Whose Appearance Changed Drastically After Losing Weight

These four idols were always visuals, however, when they lost weight they transformed completely. They still had their unique charms but losing weight made them look different enough to make them exude a different aura than their past selves


1. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy was very young when she debuted with Red Velvet, so her transformation is certainly not a surprise. 


Over time, Joy slimmed down and lost her childlike looks, in favor of the slender, mature know we know and love today.

2. EXO’s Xiumin

EXO‘s Xiumin made his debut in 2012, and throughout the years he has dropped his baby fat… 


… and gone from being an adorable boy to a handsome man.


3. BTS’s Jimin

This BTS member has always been super handsome, but his transformation is astonishing nonetheless.


He lost all of his baby weight and turned into a dashing young man.

4. Red Velvet’s Wendy

Wendy made her debut with Red Velvet in 2014, but she wasn’t always the lithe idol she is now.


What a breathtaking transformation!