4 jaw dropping performances from hottest new girl group BLACKPINK

The mysterious girl group under YG Entertainmeant has finally debuted on 8 Aug, 2016 and got their first win after 13 days. 
Catching netizens attention for over years, the group ‘ Black Pink’ (Hangul: 블랙핑크) has debuted with the 4 members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, Lisa. Two singles ‘Boombaya'(Hangul: 붐바야) and ‘Whistle'(Hangul:휘파람) are promoted since debut and the single. This rookie girl group has been bring claimed as legendary rookie group in every aspect. Apart from having good visuals, they also do good in vocal and dance. Lets take a look on the following to know about what they have amazed people in 2 weeks.

On the 21 Aug, Black Pink got their first win after debuted for less than 2 weeks.

Check out their Boombayah performance on 20160821 and their moment of first win by the song whistle.

Black Pink has attracted people’ s attention during the promotion period. They debut with perfect visual, nice body figure, good vocal quality and dancing performance. Netizens claimed that they are like the next 2NE1. Let us take a look at their nice dance practice video:

They proved they have great vocal ability in their live performance. Popular Youtube channel ‘Mr. Remove’ has done the removed background music video of their live performance:


Their visuals are also wonderful:

Amazed by this newly debuted girl group, right?