4 K-pop music videos that were literally on fire this year

The K-pop scene was literally on fire this year, with many groups using fire and explosions in their new music videos.

A trend has been developing in K-pop music videos this year, which elevated the scale of music videos to another level by adding fire and explosions around the artist. The big three record labels, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment have all set the bar high for this latest music video trend with their high budget approach.

Here are some “lit” music videos from this year.

1. BLACKPINK‘s Playing with Fire

The catchy tropical beat of the music mixed with high emotions of failed love is the perfect setting to add a little fire. The music video features BLACKPINK’s members surrounded by fire as they dance in front of the flames. The music video is visually stunning and includes Lisa as she stands while the bar she holds is slowly set on fire. Rosé is also shown hugging her lost love while the word “FATE” is set alight.


BTS’ FIRE has been one of the musical highlights of this year and the high energy music video matches the youthful tone of the song perfectly. The members of BTS bring their complex choreography and undeniable energy as it appears everything around them is set on fire.

3. SHINee‘s Tell Me What To Do

SHINee’s complex music video for the emotional ballad Tell Me What To Do tells a story of love and friendship. The music video features the members as their friendship breaks down over a fight for the same woman, which ends in an explosive car crash for SHINee’s members. Many fans have re-watched it to try and discover which members they believe died in the music video.

4. GOT7‘s Hard Carry

GOT7’s comeback with Hard Carry continues from their previous music video, Fly, as the members are involved in a plane crash. The music video is about friendship as the members rescue each other from the plane wreckage. GOT7 performs their epic new anthem in front of a burning plane. What more could a fan need?

Honorable Mention: 2NE1‘s Fire

In honor of 2NE1’s disbandment, who could forget their epic girl power anthem, Fire. While their music video may not have lots of physical fire, 2NE1 delivered it with their epic performance.