4 Korean Commercials For Tea That Are Surprisingly Sexy

These Korean ads have been taking the idea that sex sells to a whole new level.

The idea that “sex sells” isn’t a new one, and South Korean business have already been employing this concept for quite some time now, but it seems they’ve taken it one step further. Some South Korean companies have begun using this tactic to sell products that aren’t usually considered “sexy”, and audiences love it.

Sexually charged ads for mundane products like ice cream, water heaters, and tea, for instance, have been popping up all over the place. Bottled tea that’s marketed as sugarless, calorie-free, and the perfect way to lose weight has been a particularly popular candidate for these sexy ads.

The trend of sexy tea ads was started by popular Korean brand Namyang‘s “17 tea”. The company released a series of commercials featuring actress Jun Ji Hyun, who is better known as “the girl” in the Korean comedy My Sassy Girl.

Check out these super-popular sexy Korean ads for tea:


These ads were mainly targeted at female audiences due to the promise of weight loss and an s-line figure, but with all that sex appeal, it’s no surprise that they drew in male viewers as well.

In 2014, Coca-Cola decided to dive into the Korean tea market and released a similar ad for their Mate Tea brand featuring Sistar‘s Hyorin.

The ads were wildly popular, and Coca-Cola signed Soyou, Dasom, and Bora for their new summer campaign.


Source: Branding in Asia