4 Quotes From NCT 127’s “Would You Rather” Game That’ll Make You Say “WHOA, that’s deep!”

Wise beyond their years.

When NCT 127 played a game of “Would You Rather”, they shocked fans with their wisdom – coming up with thoughts so deep they surprised even themselves.


Haechan came up with the first gems, answering wisely to the question, “Would you rather know all the languages in the world or know how to play all the instruments in the world?


And again when Johnny asked the group, “Would you rather wear ugly outfits forever or have ugly hair forever?“, Haechan rose to the challenge with another philosophical answer.


Mark changed Yuta‘s mind with his argument for why he would want to be able to detect lies rather than lie himself, which even Taeyong admitted was deep!


And Yuta turned philosophical with his assertion, “I can find love, but I can’t find money” when asked, “Would you rather find true love or win a $500 million lottery?

The guys applauded him for his words of wisdom, but when Jaehyun came up with the cheesy line, “I already have love, because I have you guys,” they were having none of it.


Fans were shocked that the boys could be so hilarious… at the same time as being so wise.

  • “Heechan is so knowledgable, hyungs are shookt and proud.”
  • “Heechan is surprisingly philosophical!”
  • “Stan intellectual philosophers.”


Check out the entire interview below: