4 Times BTS V Was Caught Being Camera Shy

Despite showing overwhelming confidence on stage, it seems like BTS‘s V can get a little camera shy on occasion.

When V sees the camera pointed at him, he’ll sometimes go out of his way to avoid it. His shyness at being front and center just add to part of his charm.

These moments show that V sometimes isn’t always quite ready for the camera!

When he snuck through everyone off-stage.

V saw the camera on him, and he immediately headed for the back. Everyone looked a little confused as to why he suddenly wanted to hide.

When he walked straight into a camera’s line of sight.

As soon as he sees the cameras, V tries to crawl away and hide his face!

When J-Hope complimented him!

He covered his face after J-Hope called him cute while giggling on Mnet‘s 4 Things Show.

While headed to work.

V was shy early on in his career and even hid his face from cameras while headed to his schedule.

V was so shy he hid his face inside his shirt.
He covered his face the whole time!