4 Times Luhan Was Caught Trying To Make Himself Look Taller

This hilarious GIF of Luhan trying to appear taller and getting caught has been making the rounds on the Internet lately.

During a conference for his first TV drama, Fighter of the Destiny, Luhan was caught on camera tiptoeing to make himself appear taller than the actress standing next to him. Unfortunately for Luhan, she noticed and pushed him back down to his normal height. He played it off with a smile, but when the actress looked away, he went right back to tiptoeing.

At 5’10 (178 cm), it’s hard to believe that Luhan would feel the need to stand on his toes to appear taller, but this GIF says otherwise.

This isn’t the first time Luhan has been caught tiptoeing to make himself appear taller either. When he was in EXO, he was caught numerous times standing on his toes next to the other members so he didn’t look short compared to them.

Maybe he thought no one would notice.

He even tiptoed next to fans that were already shorter than him!