4 Important Korean Tips To Turn Your Instant Ramyun Into Instant RamYUM

It doesn’t take much to transform instant ramyun into a rich and delectable meal.

Instant ramyun has always been a staple for many college students, as well as single working professionals in South Korea.

But even some instant ramyun fanatics can easily get tired of the same taste, so here are some ingredients you can add to really step up your instant ramyun game.

1. Crushed/chopped garlic

Cook your ramyun the way you normally would, and add one heaped teaspoon of crushed or chopped garlic.

The garlic should eliminate any greasy flavors, while also giving the soup base a much richer flavor.

According to those who have tried it, it is like a mild ramyun stew!



2. Green onions (pachae)

Many Koreans love “padak”, a Korean fried chicken dish with shredded green onion on top.

The green onion adds a fresh flavor to the chicken and eliminates any greasiness.

Adding green onion to ramyun will give the same effect to the broth, while also adding a light crunchy texture to your meal.

Be sure to add the green onion only a minute or two before the ramyun is cooked so that it retains its crunch, but also cooks enough so that its flavors are embedded into the broth.


3. Ssamjang (Korean processed soybean paste)

Ssamjang is a processed soybean paste that is loved by those who like rich, deep, and savory flavors. It goes well with Korean barbecue, or even just with rice wrapped in lettuce!

Adding ssamjang to instant ramyun will make it taste more like tteokbokki, but be careful not to add too much (roughly one teaspoon should do the trick), as it is very salty.

To avoid salty ramyun, add a little more water than usual.

Remember, you can always add water after you have tasted it if you find it too salty.



4. Canned tuna oil

We saved the best for last! Adding canned tuna oil might sound odd to some, but many have sworn by this special tip.

As canned tuna oil can be very fatty, be sure to only add a small amount – roughly one teaspoon to one tablespoon (depending on how greasy you want your broth to be).

According to those who have tried it, it adds a whole new level of depth and flavor to the broth, and it is apparently the best cure for hangovers!

Will you be trying any of these new tips?


Source: Kakao 1boon