This 40-Year-Old Actress’s Visual And Body Will Put Any 20 Year-Old To Shame

She’ll be turning 40 next year, but her recent photos show that she’s still sexy and youthful as ever!

Actress Kim Sarang has been well-known for her youthful looks and flawless beauty. She was crowned Miss Korea in the year 2000 and won an the “Best National Costume” in the 2001 Miss Universe Pageant. It’s been almost two decades since then, but her recent Instagram photos show that she’s still got it all!

Recently the actress went on a vacation trip to Thailand and posted some photos of herself enjoying her leisure time at the Hong Islands.

Look at how fit her figure is!

Her vacation pictures seem more like a photoshoot.

Kim Sarang’s youthful glow and beauty was very much evident in this short clip of her enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean.

Here’s a youthful picture of her jumping high in the air at the beach!

Here’s a picture of her next to Daniel Henney! Such a beautiful picture with top visuals standing next to each other!

Kim Sarang’s S-line is no joke!!

It’s not photoshopped, that’s for sure!

Kim Sarang’s tall height made her legs look very long and slender.

Her body proportions are so ideal, it seems impossible!