Jiyoon Reveals That The 4MINUTE Members Weighed Themselves In The Nude During Trainee Days

Here’s why!

Former 4MINUTE member, Jiyoon, appeared on a recent episode of Video Star and revealed that the members used to weigh themselves in the nude.

Jiyoon explained that their company weighed the members every single day.


And because it was so much pressure on the members to be weighed every day, they took off all of their clothes including their innerwear.

We took all of our clothes off, even our bra and underwear, thinking it wasn’t part of our weight.

ㅡ Jiyoon


In fact, they even argued that they shouldn’t weigh their hair because it was also a part of the weight so they lifted their hair for each other when they went on the scale.


And she confessed that when they lifted their hair for each other, they pulled it up so that it lifted a couple of kilos off of their weight.


The staff member recording their weight apparently was unaware of this trick as she was always only concerned with the number that appeared on the scale!


Jiyoon’s story truly proves the hardships of trainee life! Watch the full clip below:

Source: Naver TV