The 4th Generation Idol With The Most Brand Deals This Year

This year alone, she has added 12 brand deals under her belt.

The world of K-Pop is no stranger to stardom, glitz, and glamor. Yet, even within this dazzling constellation, some stars manage to shine brighter than others. This year, there’s one particular 4th generation idol who’s making waves not just with her incredible talent and stage presence but also with her rapidly growing list of brand endorsements.

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Enter Yujin from IVE, formerly known for her remarkable time as an IZ*ONE member. In 2023, she stamped her authority as the ultimate young brand ambassador, securing more deals than any of her peers.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram

This year alone, Yujin has added 12 brand deals under her belt, seven of which are solo ones.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram


One of South Korea’s leading cosmetic brands couldn’t resist Yujin’s natural beauty and charm, and hence, she was the face that launched plenty of products for them this year.


Representing luxury fashion, Yujin’s collaboration with FENDI showcases that she’s not just a musical sensation but a fashion icon in her own right.


This outdoor wear brand found its perfect ambassador in Yujin. Her youthful, energetic image blended seamlessly with NEPA’s brand philosophy.

4. Lucky Chouette

The contemporary fashion brand, known for its playful and edgy style, teamed up with Yujin to set new trends in the market.

5. Soonhari Lemonjin

A refreshing alcoholic drink, Soonhari Lemonjin recognized the zest and vitality in Yujin, making her the ideal choice for their campaign.

6. Hana Financial GR

In a move to appeal to the younger audience, Hana Financial GR made the strategic decision to have Yujin as the face of their brand.

7. Dongwon Tuna

Promoting a healthy lifestyle, Dongwon Tuna associated with Yujin, amplifying the message of wellness and balance.

8. L’Occitane

This global skincare and beauty brand found in Yujin is the embodiment of timeless beauty and grace.

The remaining four deals Yujin shares with the rest of her IVE members, who have proved their immense popularity as they were trusted to be the face of the following major brands.

9. Pepsi

The international beverage giant, in its attempt to resonate with the younger generation, tied up with IVE. And with Yujin as part of the group, the partnership became an instant hit.

10. Papa Johns

IVE’s association with this global pizza chain made waves, as fans everywhere celebrated with a slice in their hands.

11. Kwangdong Corn Silk Tea

Traditional yet contemporary, this beverage brand found the right mix with IVE, especially with Yujin adding her unique touch.

12. Puma

Synonymous with athleticism and style, Puma’s collaboration with IVE made headlines, bringing together sportswear and K-Pop in a unique blend.

To say that Yujin’s appeal is magnetic would be an understatement. Brands, both domestic and international, recognize the influence she wields, and her track record this year stands as testimony to her unparalleled brand value.