The 4th Generation Girl Group That KARA’s Jiyoung And Youngji Wish They Could Join

They want to try their “dreamy and pretty” concepts.

KARA‘s Jiyoung and Youngji, also called the JiYoungJi duo, tested their chemistry through a few rounds of Cosmopolitan Korea‘s Matching Game. Along the way, they revealed which HYBE girl group they wouldn’t mind being a member of.

Jiyoung and Youngji. | @young_g_hur/Instagram

The magazine asked Youngji and Jiyoung which girl group they would join if they were joining the fourth generation. They offered the two new girl groups from the popular agency HYBE: LE SSERAFIM from its partnership with Source Music and ADOR‘s first group NewJeans. Both KARA members chose the latter and explained why.

Youngji picked NewJeans because they were the opposite of KARA. While they pulled off concepts full of power and charisma, the rookie group was much more free-spirited. She said, “We haven’t done anything so fresh like that, like regarding our performance.

Because of KARA’s charismatic concepts, Jiyoung and Youngji both wanted to get a taste of the refreshing ones that NewJeans has made popular among fans and idols.

Youngji: Things like dreamy and pretty.

Jiyoung: I want to do something fresh.

Youngji: I want to try fresh things.

Proving their chemistry once again, JiYoungJi showed they’re even on the same page about which rookie groups they like.

| @young_g_hur/Instagram

If they were given a chance to try a concept like NewJeans’ “OMG” or “Hype Boy”, everyone would certainly see a new side of them.

NewJeans’ Minji and Haerin. | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

See Youngji and Jiyoung bond over NewJeans.