5 Celebrity friendships that overcame a large age gap

Who said age had anything to do with friendship? No matter how large of an age gap there is, these pairs of friends were destined to be together! Here are 5 celebrity friendships that overcame large age differences!

1. IU (25) & Yoo In Na (36)

Despite their 9 year age gap, IU and Yoo In Na are one of the closest celebrity friends. IU had frequently mentioned that Yoo In Na is her celebrity, muse, and soul mate, while Yoo In Na revealed that they’ve confirmed with each other that they will be a part of each others’ lives forever.

2. Yoon Jong Shin (49) & Jang Jae In (27)

These two met during Superstar K2, where Yoon Jong Shin cast Jang Jae In into his label. They’re known to have become great friends who enjoy creating music together, as well as supporting each other through thick and thin!

3. Taeyeon (29) & Yeri (19)

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Red Velvet Yeri became friends as senior and junior, but soon grew closer as their promotion cycles elapsed. Now they’ve become inseparable friends who plan on traveling the world together!

4. Jo In Sung (37) & D.O. (25)

Although they were born over a decade apart, Jo In Sung and EXO’s D.O. have become close friends through their work in It’s Okay, That’s Love. They’ve frequently been seen hanging out together ever since, and Jo In Sung even received the Rookie Award in D.O.’s place at the Blue Dragon Film Festival!

5. Kim Sun Ha (43) & Boa (32)

Actress Kim Sun Ha and Boa are known to be one of the closest top star friends, even with a large age gap! They grew close as they hung out with a similar group of friends.

Source: Insight