5 Controversial Things Idols Said… And Regretted Forever

It’s hard to undo what has been done, especially when the internet is watching.

We get it, idols are human too. But with their abilities to reach and influence millions at a time, they should be careful with even the smallest things. These idols have paid the price for not watching what they say.


1. JBJ Noh Taehyun

On JTBC Unique Program, JBJ‘s Noh Taehyun swung his arm in front of the camera, showing what he would do to people that leave the fandom. Fans criticized Taehyun for being thoughtless. Later, Taehyun released a handwritten apology letter, but his image has taken a hit from his words.

“If you quit being our fan, you’ll be punched like this!” — Noh Taehyun


2. BTS Suga

On BTS‘ Twitter account, Suga uploaded a series of tweets where he threatened to hit fans if they don’t pay attention to him. Fans immediately requested attention to this matter, to which Big Hit Entertainment released an official apology statement.

“I will hit you on the head with the corner of my camera if I catch you looking somewhere else. I’m watching you, my darlings. Please post photo shopped pictures so my pores aren’t exposed. If you don’t, I’ll hit you on the head with my camera.” — Suga


3. WINNER Mino

When Mino appeared on Show Me The Money 4, one of his rap verses left fans furious. After the episode aired, the Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists requested an official apology for his lyrics. Mino apologized for not thinking thoroughly was ashamed for what he did.

“MINO’s out to get the girls, open them up like OBGYNs do.” — Mino


4. INFINITE Sunggyu

INFINITE member Sunggyu appeared on the popular TV program The Genius for multiple seasons. On one of the episodes, he calls a fellow cast member Park Eun Ji a “wicked old fox” upon hearing that she is 30 years old. When the episode aired, Sunggyu’s female fans were upset for making fun of someone’s age. Both he and Woollim Entertainment apologized, stating he didn’t mean it in a bad way.


5. MAMAMOO Wheein

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein chatted away with her fans on a live broadcast with some drinks and ended up saying things like “motherpumpkin f*ck that sh*t”, which fans found aggressive. Shortly after the incident, Wheein apologized for her actions.

“I wanted to have fun with my fans this weekend and check out what everyone is up to. So I went on LIVE and started chatting and broadcasting. I made a mistake by saying some wrong things during the LIVE. I apologize.” — Wheein

Source: 1BOON