5 covers of ’90s Songs that are at least as good as the originals

All aboard the nostalgia train, next stop: Amazing contemporary covers of K-Pop songs from the ’90s!

It seems to be a bit of a rite of passage among K-Pop groups to cover a song from the 90s and these 5 groups really did these 90s songs justice! If you’re an older fan of K-Pop (or just a fan of music from the 90s), these five covers of popular K-Pop songs will be a blast from the past and a treat for your ears.

1. BTS – “Perfect Man”

BTS’s cover of Shinhwa‘s “Perfect Man” is full of the same energy that the original singers had when they were performing the song. The cover was so good that a member of Shinhwa even came forward to say he liked it. There was one member that caught everyone’s attention, however. Jimin’s performance was such a fan-favorite that a fan made video of his performance has since reached 2 million views.


2.  BIGBANG – ” Candy”

BIGBANG’s 2006 cover of H.O.T‘s “Candy” is another classic performance.  The members of Big Bang truly channeled their inner ’90s boy band, with their adorable outfits and bubbly performance.


3. EXO – “We are the future”

EXO’s cover of “We are the future” is an excellent cover of the popular 90’s idol group H.O.T. The members danced in perfect unison and really did the song justice. Their performance portrayed the 90s so well it’s almost like the members used a time machine to bring the 90s back.

4. Red Velvet – “I Love You”

’90s girl group fans may remember this song from the popular girl group S.E.S. Red Velvet did a stellar cover and performance of “I Love You” back in 2015 that S.E.S would be proud of!

5. APink – “Eternal Love”

APink’s cover of Fin.K.L‘s song “Eternal Love” was full of amazing vocals, perfect dance moves, and just the right amount of bubbly stage presence.  The girls of APink proved that the younger generations can cover first generation songs and really own them.

What was your favorite ’90s cover?