5 Downsides To Dating A Foreigner, According To Koreans

Here’s some reasons why Koreans may not want to date a foreigner:

While there may be numerous advantages of dating a foreigner, there are also inevitable downsides. Here are the downsides of dating a foreigner in Korea, according to the participants of our Koreaboo Studios video.


When asked what might be some of the difficulties Koreans have with dating foreigners in Korea, many brought up “language barrier” and “culture barrier” as an element that could be difficult to overcome.

So communication would be difficult…especially when we fight. I feel like it could get a lot worse or more emotional.



Another difficulty as mentioned by multiple participants was the fact that the older Korean generation was still hesitant about accepting foreigners and multicultural couples.

For a foreigner to be living in Korea…Yea, I think some Koreans aren’t used to even seeing the foreigners around.


The younger generation, we don’t mind. The world is changing for us. But for the older generation, like our parents or grandparents, or even older relatives…They might not accept the idea?


I have to say Korea is still conservative. Not necessarily the younger generation that I belong to, but the older generation that my parents belong to…They aren’t too open-minded. So they aren’t too accepting of foreigners.



On a geographical sense, the location of the couple’s family also posed an issue, according to one participant.

The only downside would be the distance. It would be impossible to get to know their families or friends. Everything else shouldn’t matter.


Another participant even mentioned that religion may be an aspect that could hinder a relationship between a Korean and a foreigner in Korea.

Like if the foreigner is Christian and the Korean is Buddhist…Wouldn’t they clash a bit? Just a personal opinion.

Each person shared a few reasons why dating a foreigner could be challenging in Korea, be sure to check out all the answers in the full video above!