5 Gorgeous Korean Kids That Already Look Like Idols

These Korean children are taking the world by storm with their overwhelming cuteness and incredible style, so much so that one could mistake them as idols.

These Korean children look like idols but they all have the same ‘job’ at the moment. Some pick up drawing, others sports, but these adorable kids are already on the road to becoming professional models.

These Korean children are really known for being one of the most representative child models in Korea and it won’t be far-fetched to think that maybe one of them will become an idol in the future.

Ye Won Yoo

Born in 2011 and with 26.2k followers on Instagram, Ye Won is taking over the industry. Having already modeled for several companies all over Asia, she has already started making a name for herself, despite not even being out of elementary school yet.

Daseul Kim

Now 8, and armed with about 13.4k followers on Instagram, Daseul Kim is attracting many casters with her pink glow and dream-like appearance.

Ye June Kim

Now a child model under SM with 20.1k Instagram followers, he is often considered to resemble NCT‘s WinWin and Jisung as well as ZE:A‘s Siwan.

Young Jun Lee (Roy)

Born in 2011, Young Jun has already signed under SM, and is rising in the child modeling industry. With his wide and sparkling eyes and adorable smile, it’ll be too hard for anyone to resist his charms!

A post shared by ?이영준 (@youngjun_roy) on

A post shared by ?이영준 (@youngjun_roy) on

Haeun Kim

While still only 7-years-old, Haeun Kim has already made her way into the industry and leaving her mark! With her soft features, it’s obvious why she’s rising and has gained over 29k followers on Instagram!

Each model gives out a different and unique feel than the other, yet they all can attract the attention of anybody they please.