5 Groups You May Never See Perform Together Again

Have you ever looked back and remembered watching some of your favorite k-pop groups performing together? Though today there are some very hot collaborations occurring between Korean artists and well-known stars all over the world, sadly, there are some collaborations between k-pop groups that we will rarely ever see again.

Below are a few k-pop group collaborations that we may never see happen again:

1. BIGBANG & Wonder Girls

Back in 2007, BIGBANG & Wonder Girls appeared on KBS Music Bank to perform together. At that time, ‘Lies’ by BIGBANG and ‘Tell Me’ by Wonder Girls were very popular. And so, both BIGBANG and Wonder Girls performed ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Lies’ together. Today, BIGBANG rarely performs ‘Lies’ and for Wonder Girls, well, they would need Sohee and Sunye, wouldn’t they?

But they did perform again the following year:


2. EXO & Shinee

In 2012, Exo performed ‘MAMA’ along with ‘Lucifer’ by Shinee. Shinee was only seen for a very short amount of time, but nobody could help but feel goosebumps when they appeared on stage. This performance had “wow” all over it.


3. SMTOWN Orchestra

Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, f(x), TVXQ, Shinee, EXO. What more could you ask for?



4. Girls’ Generation & 2PM

Who could forget the legendary collaboration performance between Girls’ Generation and 2PM, where Taecyeon and Yoona had a romantic storyline together. The good ol ‘Taecyoon’ days.

It’s unlikely we’ll see this collaboration between these groups again!


5. YGFamily

This one is a no-brainer. YGFamily performing ‘Go Away’ by 2NE1, ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy and ‘Fantastic Baby’ by BIGBANG. What a combination!

It may be hard to see collaborations of first-generation groups like this in future, but we’ll always have new collaborations between new groups to look forward to!