5 Hair Cuts You Need To Try If You Want To Be A True Oppa

You do not have to look like these celebrities to try these five different hairstyles that will get you some attention. Try maintaining these hairstyles and be the Oppa that you always wanted to become while casually looking dandy and stylish!

1. The Center Part

How can you go wrong with this stylish, classic look? The hair is parted to the left and right from the center of the top of the head so that a line is visible running down the middle of the head.

2. The Two-Block

This highly popular ‘do is a recent trend among many celebrities in Korea. Hair at the sides and lower back are either shaved or clipped short, while the hair on the top is left long. You can either choose to wear your hair straight or permed to create soft waves.

3. The Dandy

This haircut is precisely layered at the nape of the neck to follow the contours of your head. At the front, polished looking bangs will create a gentle, dandy Oppa image.

Source: @palupianggra

4. The Shadow Perm

If you want the soft curls with gentle balanced volume, try the shadow perm styling. The trick is to hold the perm with wax. You can have the volume on the crown part while enjoying the subtle down perm on the side.

5. The Comma

Although it comes in many different forms, most of them require styling the hair or bangs into a curved comma formation. Some comma bangs are more pointy, while some are more subtle.

Source: @somsatang56

Source: FHM